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 Posted: Sat Dec 31st, 2011 02:35 am
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stingmark wrote:
user=16]srossi[/user] wrote:
But I did have the first edition hardcovers of most of those books and sold them on eBay a number of years ago for quite a lot of money.

Blah blah blah......more Rossi bullshit bullshit bullshit. Sure you did Napoleon(oops, I mean Rossi) were these all signed books too? I bet you sold them to either the parking meter lady, or to the imaginary Greek guy who keyed your car? Either way, you're completely full of shit. You're the WC version of Dr Jeff, you've been everywhere, done everything too, just like that other useless asshole. The reason why people dont call you out on so much of your bullshit shorty, is because it's funny to hear you slobber all over yourself, trying to impress us all, & show just how cool you are. Plus, you do this from the comfort of your rent
controlled apartment. Jesus christ, I bet your beastly girlfriend drinks severely whenever she's around you, or wishes she could kill herself nightly, having to listen to your bullshit, on a daily basis? She's got to
be heavily medicated for sure, to listen to you. Rossi: Crimson Mask called, he wants his gimmick back.

Some real acrimony here. I sense this is a shoot. Can't we all just get along?