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 Posted: Fri Jun 27th, 2008 02:18 pm
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And YOU can also.

My chat transcript with God is below.

Me: Good Morning.

God: Hello and how are you this morning?
Me: Just fine. And yourself?
God: What's your favorite movie?  
Me: My favorite movie is "My Cousin Vinny" but I thought you knew that already
God: Perhaps.  I haven't seen it. What did you like about  it?

Me: Funny as hell. Well not that hell is funny or anything.
God:I am so glad you find this amusing.   Interesting. 
Me:Well actually we haven't talked in awhile
God:Well that's okay.  Actually you don't say.  Do you mean you and me have?
Me: Yeah I mean I have tried to talk to you but you don't always listen
Me: Well I talk and say thanks for stuff and then I'm supposed to ask you for stuff and you're supposed to make it happen.
God: Well that's okay.  Everyone talks -- sooner or later.
Me: Quick question ~ Who wins the 2009 Super Bowl ?
God: I did not get that.
Me:Who wins the Super Bowl next year? Anybody but Dallas. Anybody. I KNOW you KNOW.
God: What do you really want to ask me?    I'm afraid I can't give you an accurate answer right now.
Me: There you go again not listening
God:"There you go again."--Reagan.
Me:Alright Lord I have had enough. Take care of yourself.
God:Alright, .  What happened to it?    Where do you want me to take it?
Me:You weren't paying attention. You have too many people talking to you at the same time I am sure it is hard to keep it all straight.
God: I wasn't?  
Me: Later

God: Bye!