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 Posted: Sat Jun 28th, 2008 06:04 pm
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3setsof10 wrote:
Bix wrote: Started reading it. There are some good stories but its greatest value may lay in the fact that it's an absolutely fascinating look into the mind of a WWE lifer.

For example:

After mentioning an injury in 1987 he goes off on how Rhyno is a pussy who couldn't have done anything dangerous enough to suffer a broken neck in WWE so he must've gotten it in ECW and Heyman got Vince to sign him to pay for surgery. Seriously. It's like an inadvertant companion piece to Ring of Hell.
More viral marketing for Ring of Hell?  Ugh.

No, I was drawing a parallel betwen Bruno's insane ranting and Aaron Aguilera's firing for being a "pussy" who utilized the services of the company chiropractor and trainer, who were unofficially reserved for main eventers.

Anyway, how long was he in the WWF/E?  Is his view of Vince McMahon consistent with everyone else's?
He started in '91 and he's still there. He's served as "WWE Concierge" (gopher) for the last several years. He gushes about how much he adores Vince.

I finished the book on Thursday night. It's not a must-have, but it's an entertaining read that's different from other wrestling books (and strangely, there are a lot of timeline issues, especially for a Scott Teal book, I guess because it's post-'82 material). At times I feel really bad for him, as he's constantly in terrible pain due to a badly injured neck that he refuses to get surgery for due to his belief that he suffered the bulk of the damage taking pre-WWF apron to floor bumps and thinks that he'd be a pussy stealing from Vince McMahon if he got him to pay for it. On the other side of the coin, he's really annoying and frustrating at times, generally with his shameless WWE ass-kissing and his fixation on almost every homosexual that he worked with (as well as Jonathan Boyd's atheism). If he comes across someone in the business that's gay or bisexual, he mentions it while feverishly noting that he's not gay, wrestling is a business for manly men so it's weird that it has so many "sissies," he's offended that nobody ever hit on him after being warned that all of the gays would attack him, and then mysteriously drops it when he gets to the WWF and comes across Pat Patterson and Steve Lombardi. It would be conspicuous in any case, but given the rumors about Lauer & Lombardi (which from my own sources I believe to be true), it's even moreso and comes across as a self-loathing homosexual frantic in his attempts to act straight.

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