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 Posted: Thu Feb 23rd, 2012 10:53 pm
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srossi wrote:
stingmark wrote: mike3775 wrote:
stingmark wrote: Why would someone call 911 over something like this? I mean, was he posing a threat, or trying to rob the place? No. People crack me up sometimes, jesus christ. People call 911 when their fastfood orders are fucked up, or someone calls them a name, it's pretty stupid. This article the was a threat to national security or something. Thats 5 minutes of time, I cant get back.Let me come to your place, walk to the kitchen, and cook my own meal.  You wouldn't call 911?

I was being sarcastic, as i was tying from my phione, and couldnt add the proper emoticon.
No, id probably issue the person a beating & then call the police, if it were you, Id ask if you wanted to stay for dinner or something. Just absurd that 911 is used so frequently these days, for some of the dumbest, most ridiculous shit.

So he was posing no threat and wasn't bothering anyone, but he deserves a beatdown?  Not a call to the proper authorities though, because that would be silly.

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