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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2012 01:05 pm
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Richmond began racing stocks at just about the same time as open wheel.  Montoya was a champion in open wheel and he struggled to adjust.   Although I should have included him in list, he still only has 2 wins and finished in the final top 10 only once. I didn't include Gordon because he was in stock cars by 18 and he never ran the INDY style cars.  Gordon also ran the Busch series for two years to learn the cars before running the Cup schedule.  However he was a great open wheel driver before turning to stock cars so that's 5 drivers.

Rutherford started in stocks and had his only NASCAR win before he ran an Indy car race.  You're right about it being no easier going from NASCAR to indy car.  Teague, Allison and Yarborough hardly made a descent go of it.  They ran in the Indy 500 but did any even finish the race?  I'm saying they are two vastly different types of racing and there are a handful of All-Time greats who had success running both regularly.  Someone can pop over for a race or two because they are a great driver.  It's fun to try something different but they are rarely competitive and even more rarely winners.

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