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 Posted: Mon Mar 19th, 2012 07:34 pm
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CW Hall wrote: 01/28/1956 Lexington,NC - Nelson Royal vs. Boris Malenko. The date in the ad was printed incorrectly. It was Saturday Jan. 28,1956 :


Here are the results.

1/28/56 Lexington, NC @ YMCA
Two Referees & Two Judges
Jim LaRock & Angelo Martinelli drew Mr Moto & Babe Zaharias when the 60 minute time limit expired in the 3rd fall but LaRock & Martinelli were awarded the decision by referee Walter Bruckner, referee Sam Roberts, judge Mrs. Minnie Lamb of Thomasville and judge Leroy Morrison of Winston-Salem
1 Moto beat LaRock in 13:00 with a “rolling front face lock”
2 Martinelli beat Moto with a “rocking chair split and roll”
3 The time limit expired before either team could score the deciding fall
Boris Malenko beat Nelson Royal 2/3
1 Royal pinned Malenko in 18:00 after a drop kick
2 Malenko pinned Royal in 14:00 after a “body block”
3 Malenko beat Royal in 7:00 with a “backbreaker”

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