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 Posted: Thu Jul 17th, 2008 05:52 pm
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Ok here we go, I've been doing a bit of work on this record, filling in blanks etc and have come across the usual conflicting info (even from reliable sources).
Can anybody help out with the below:

Sunday 20th March, 1983 - New York, NY, USA (MSG)
Bob Backlund beat Don Muraco - Texas Death Match

Cawthon's site lists this as TDM and everything I've seen (but the original record here) would concur.

?? May, 1983 - New England
Bob Backlund vs. Don Muraco

Cawthon's site doesn't list this and, as I recall, it used to and a guy told me that he was positive this match happened. Does anybody have any ideas when it could have happened and where?

24th February/March, 1989 - Calgary, AB, Canada
Stampede North American Heavyweight Title:
Davey Boy Smith beat Don Muraco (c) to win the title

The original record here shows the date as February but Hisa's listing shows it as March. Can this be clarified?

Saturday 3rd October, 1992 - Philadelphia, PA, USA
ECW Heavyweight Title:
Jimmy Snuka beat Don Muraco (c) by disqualification

Have this above match as a title defence, can anybody else confirm this?

Wednesday 6th March, 1974 - Sacramento or Miami???
The original record here shows that Muraco lost to Blackjack Slade on this date, followed by 2 more matches in Cali on the 7th + 9th.
Muraco's 1st known appearance I have is on 19th in Tampa beating Rip Hawk.
However, in a previous post on the first page Clawmaster has posted a card dated 6th March in Miami with Muraco beating Rip Hawk at the Auditorium.
I've checked Barry Rose's site but his earliest match for Muraco is this one on the 26th.
Can we confirm if the 6th in Miami is a typo on the date as I can't see this being the correct date with Muraco being in Cali?

17th/18th April, 1973 - Honolulu, Hi, USA (HIC Arena)
Don Muraco drew Ray Stevens. Muraco substituted for Billy Robinson.

The above date is listed as the 17th on the original record here but this poster and clipping clearly indicate that this was the 18th. Also, Muraco wasn't originally supposed to face Stevens, he replaced Billy Robinson at some point.
Can we confirm that date was 18th and Muraco subbed for Robinson?

Tuesday 5th July, 1977 - Tampa, FL, USA (Fort Homer Hesterley Armory)
Take a look at this poster and clipping. As you can see, the results changed a little bit from the advertised poster. Was this a no-show for Muraco?
The same thing happened the following day. See poster and clipping. Was this also a no-show?

Tuesday 11th October, 1977 - Tampa, FL, USA (Fort Homer Hesterly Armory)
The match in the original record here showing Muraco beating Raul Mata was actually Don Serrano. Please click here for corroborating poster & clipping.

Sunday 9th July, 1987
Click here to see the poster advertising a matinee show tag match between Muraco & Don Muraco Jr. vs. Davey Boy Smith & Jim Brunzell. Cawthon's site has a note that Frency Martin subbed for Muraco. Was this a no-show?
On the same day (evening) in South Bend, Indiana Muraco would turn up for the identical fixture.
It'd be intesting to know why Muraco couldn't make it to the matinee match.

That's all for now. Let me know if you can help with anything above.