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 Posted: Mon Nov 19th, 2007 04:03 pm
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4/16/71 St Louis, MO
Johnny Valentine and Greg Valentine were co-winners of a 10 man $5,000 Battle Royal
Handicap match, Bruiser must pin both opponents within 45 minutes
Harley Race and Hans Schmidt beat Dick the Bruiser
1st fall Bruiser pinned Schmidt at 6:07
2nd Fall Race and Bruiser both dq'ed for knocking down referee Jack Schoenberger at 6:12
Johnny and Greg Valentine beat Bill Miller and Baron Von Raschke 2-0
1st Fall Von Raschke dq'ed for jumping off the top rope on Greg at 14:59
2nd Fall Johnny pinned Miller at 6:10
Pat O'Connor drew Jack Brisco 20:00
Sweet Daddy Siki beat Moose Cholak 8:26
Kay Noble beat Cora Combs 9:58
Don Fargo and Tinker Todd beat Ben Justice and Ronnie Etchison 2/3

5/14/71 St Louis, MO
Johnny Valentine beat Baron Von Raschke in 17:37
Harley Race ddq Dick the Bruiser
Jack Brisco and Sweet Daddy Siki beat Bill Miller and Hans Schmidt 2/3
Dewey Robertson (sub Terry Funk) beat Baron Von Heisinger in 1:02
Greg Valentine beat Rip Tyler in 7:31
Ronnie Etchison and Steve Bolus beat Angelo Poffo and Don Fargo 2/3

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