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 Posted: Thu Jul 17th, 2008 11:25 pm
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17th/18th April, 1973 - Honolulu, Hi, USA (HIC Arena)
Don Muraco drew Ray Stevens. Muraco substituted for Billy Robinson.

The above date is listed as the 17th on the original record here but this poster and clipping clearly indicate that this was the 18th. Also, Muraco wasn't originally supposed to face Stevens, he replaced Billy Robinson at some point.
Can we confirm that date was 18th and Muraco subbed for Robinson?

The 18th. 

I researched that.  The adds were still being placed on the 18th in the paper.  On the 19th is where I got the results from, and the results even state that it was the night before.  That arena ran on Wednesdays for years.

March 20, 1983 - MSG..  i'll dig up the clippngs for.


?? May, 1983 - New England
Bob Backlund vs. Don Muraco

I doubt this is it Because I do not consider NY to be New England.  But it is one not on the internet.

May 2, 1983  Ogdensburg, NY
Backlund vs Muraco

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