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 Posted: Thu Jul 24th, 2008 04:40 pm
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: HarryG wrote: clawmaster wrote: As bad in the ring as he was, Tex McKenzie worked on top for several years in a number of different territories. He was over despite his clumsiness.

Apollo was a Rocca clone but also had a long career working on top quite a bit.

Sometimes we look at old tapes and say how in the hell could this guy be pushed. How in the hell could he draw money? In the cases of McKenzie and Apollo, they did get pushed and draw money as hard as that is to believe. Tex more so than Apollo.

All true.

Apollo was teamed up with Rocca during Rocca's last run in New York.  Apollo took the spot that had been held earlier by Miguel Perez.  Apollo was one hell of an artist and eventually left wrestling to pursue his art career.

Eduardo Miguel Perez or someone else?


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