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 Posted: Thu Oct 4th, 2012 04:22 am
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Principal_Raditch wrote:
stingmark wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: You're only look at Offence though. Trout's a gold glover, Cabrera might be the worst 3b in MLB. So Offensively Cabrera has a slight advantage. On the basepaths, Trout has a massive advantage. Defensively Trout has a massive advantage. It's a close call.

They dont give a player the TC because of defense, as it's an offensive based award, so your argument about his defense, is moot as it pertains to the TC. I believe Cabrera isĀ  a gold glover in the past. He switched positions so that Fielder could play first base, I would guess that if you were the manager, you'd probably do something similar.

Then how did Jimmy Rollins win the MVP with shittier offensive numbers than at least 4 other players in 2007? I was talking about winning an MVP based on overall ability, not TC.

Not sure, mvp is not the tc, why are you asking me about something that happened 5 yrs ago, that neither of us had control over or say so on. I didnt vote for him, ask the voters. They make boo boos all the time, If Cabrera wins mvp, will you have the same issues with it as well?

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