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 Posted: Mon Oct 15th, 2012 11:37 pm
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Big Garea Fan wrote:
Was the Midnight Rider ever unmasked (even though a blind man could tell it was Dusty Rhodes)? I remember reading in one of the Apter mags that the Midnight Rider beat Ric Flair in a title match in Florida but had to forfeit the title since he refused to unmask in front of the NWA president (Bob Geigel) to "verify the champion's identity".

Yeah, that World Title match happened. Like Dusty never really losing his first reign to Race (he lost on a weak DQ and the belt was given back to Race), he always positioned himself to be "the uncrowned champ". As Midnight Rider, he never could have been champ, as Rhodes was "suspended from wrestling" at that time.

Not sure if they did the "he was unmasked, but there is no definitive proof of who it was" angle with Dusty, but JYD's Stagger Lee was unmasked in a North American title match vs Dibiase at the Super Dome, but the angle was that no one there was willing to say for sure it was JYD, even though everyone there clearly saw him. I recall Dibiase yelling at Boyd Pierce because he was ringside, but claimed to have not recognized Stagger Lee's face. Strangely, there was no film of it, either.

Continental did an angle where the Stud Stable jumped the Bullet and unmasked him live on TV (from Boutwell Auditorium in B-Ham) but Gordon Solie instructed the TV director to cut to black "by mistake, because he was excited by the action and got confused." lol When they cut back, the Armstrong family was surrounding Bullet and covering up his face. Even though Armstrong was unmasked in their biggest arena on their TV show, the cameras didn't get any of it and Solie refused to say that he saw Armstrong's face.

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