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 Posted: Thu Nov 22nd, 2007 11:48 pm
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Bill Cowher, proving he is completely out of his mind during the post game says:

"Green Bay looked much more impressive than the Dallas Cowboys did today"

are you fucking shitting me? the lions tossed up 26 points against the Packer defense, the Cowboys, albiet against a shitty Jets team, did what they were supposed to do against said shitty team; and gave up only 3.

Stupid quote #2 from Cowher in the post game:

"Green Bay can run the ball"

really? Last I saw today, at the end of the third quarter the Packers had attempted to run the ball 9 times for 46 yards - and one of those runs went for 31 yards. Thats not exactly a dominating running game. I think Marion Barber had more rushing yards in the second half than the Packers had all day.

The Cowboys will drill the Packers next week, take it to the bank.