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 Posted: Fri Jan 18th, 2013 02:28 am
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HarryG wrote:
Honkytonk Man quote, courtesy of Kayfabe Wrestling Radio

"You know, there's been other guys; if Tito was here right now, I'd tell him, I hope he's listening. Tito Santana; Oh, you've got to pull my feet, Jimmy Hart's gotta hit me with a megaphone, we've got to knock the referee down. Oh, come on, I took that flying burrito elbow and never said a word about it, 1-2-3. But when it come time for those guys to do the favor, it was like, 'Naw. Can we do this? Can we do that?' There was a couple of times that went on. Yeah, you know, I never ever said anything about any of it until that came up with the Macho Man thing, and it nothing to do with Randy; Randy and I talked about it. It was all about the television thing with 35 million people."

Tito didn't want to lose clean to HTM? Surprising.

That Tito wouldnt take a clean loss to HTM? Have to check my records or can anyone find a video of a clean loss and shut HTM...I'M MAJOR ANTI-HTM FAN(top ten Ive never liked, not an Elvis fan either)....Tito has expressed not wanting to blade either (good looks) which vaguely disturbed me too...Ego, well.....eventually he comes out in the the probably unbeknownst way. I will bring it up to tito see what he says. Or is this a angle ploy by HTM the way Kevin Nash and Rickey Morton did.

I found Honk Tonky Man's facebook page and questioned him (politely) on his quote, but apparently he replied angrily:

HTM(on facebook): Nothing bad to say,, I used Tito as an example. He and I have been friends for 30 yrs. Don't make it something it is not. thanx

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