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 Posted: Mon Feb 4th, 2013 11:25 pm
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14.05.1993 - South Philadelphia (ECW TV taping - 325):
Handicap: Road Warrior Hawk b Don E. Allen & Samoan Warrior, Tommy Cairo won Battle Royal, ECW tag title: Glen Osborne & Cairo b Johnny Hot Body & Chris Candido(keep belts)-DQ, ECW title: Don Muraco b Sandman(kept belt)-COR, Metal Maniac b Max Thrasher-DQ, Osborne & J.T. Smith b Samoan Warrior & Canadian Wolfman, Hawk b Jimmy Snuka-DQ, ECW tag title: Hot Body & Candido DDQ Super Destroyers, Eddie Gilbert b Herve Benesto, Benesto b Allen, Rockin Rebel b Larry Winters, Osborne b Tony Stetson-DQ, Muraco b Cairo, Smith DDQ Dark Patriot (Doug Gilbert), Winters & Sandman b Stetson & Rebel, Hot Body & Candido & Chris Michaels DDQ Super Destroyers & Sal Bellomo

15.05.1993 - South Philadelphia (ECW TV taping - 300):
Terry Funk b Dark Patriot-DQ, Ivan & Vladimir Koloff b Glen Osborne & Herve Benesto, Tony Stetson DDQ Larry Winters, ECW TV title: Tommy Cairo b Jimmy Snuka(keeps belt)-DQ, Sal Bellomo b Chris Michaels, ECW title: Sandman b Johnny Hot Body, Benesto b Max Thrasher-DQ, ECW tag title: Super Destroyers b Michaels & Hot Body to win titles, Non-title: Ivan Koloff b Sandman, Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot & Don Muraco b Cairo & Winters & Osborne, Bellomo b Chris Candido-DQ, Funk b Canadian Wolfman, Gilbert & Dark Patriot b J.T. Smith & Osborne, ECW tag title: Hot Body & Michaels b Super Destroyers to win titles, Winters b Rockin Rebel, ECW TV title: Snuka DDQ Funk

-slightly different than what was listed earlier; not sure which is accurate