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 Posted: Mon Jun 17th, 2013 01:48 am
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I was spoiled in that I grew up less than 30 minutes from the Greensboro Coliseum, so I saw lots and lots of good stuff: these are the best of the best

Starrcade '83, Flair vs Race, Piper vs Valentine dog collar match

Starrcade '85, Tully vs Magnum I quit

March 12, 1983 Steamboat and Youngblood vs Slaughter and Kernodle in the cage

Thanksgiving night, 1981   Masked Superstar unmasks

The Road Warriors vs Powers of Pain weightlifting challenge

Flair vs Sting Clash of the Champions

Flair vs Steamboat 60 minute draw for NWA title

Truly, living that close to Greensboro, and being a wrestling nerd in that timeframe was something that I couldn't truly appreciate at the time, I wish those days could come back, but they never will.

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