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April 5 1988 - Gaffney SC
The Fantastics beat The Midnight Express by DQ
Nikita Koloff beat The Warlord
Green Machine beat Jimmy Valiant
Cruel Connection beat Rock Riddle
The Sheepherders beat Italian Stallion and Nelson Royal

April 8 1988 - Houston Tx
Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard fought Barry Windham and Steve Williams to a draw
Nikita Koloff beat Tiger Conway Jr
Ricky Santana and Kendall Windham beat The Sheepherders by DQ

April 16 1988 - Rock Hill SC
The Sheepherders and Rip Morgan vs Johnny Ace, Ricky Santana, Kendall Windham

April 17 1988 - Charlotte NC
NWA Tag Champs Barry Windham and Lex Luger vs Ric Flair and Arn Anderson
Tully Blanchard vs The Midnight Rider
The Road Warriors vs The Jive Tones

April 29 1988 - Washington DC
The Road Warriors beat The Powers of Pain in a Steel Cage Match
The Midnight Express fought The Fantastics to a Double Countout
Nikita Koloff beat Ivan Koloff
The Sheepherders beat The Lightning Express
Al Perez beat Chris Champion
Ron Simmons beat The Terminator
Jimmy Valiant beat Mark Fleming

May 9 1988 - Fayetteville NC
Arn Anderson vs Ronnie Garvin
Ivan Koloff and The Warlord vs The Fantastics

credit to Kris Zellner

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