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 Posted: Tue Aug 13th, 2013 01:12 am
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Vince in the ring wants to talk to Maddox.
Maddox come to the ring & Vince asks him why he was the
ref in the Bryan - Barrett match.
BM says Bryan's matches tend to get out of hand & he felt the match need someone not afraid to take control of the match. Vince asks about the qick count & Maddox says he
hadn't reffed a match in a long time & wants a second chance as a referee.
Maddox offers to ref the Cena-Bryan match at SS. Vince asks him him if he will sop calling Bryan names such as troll & if he will call the match fairly. Maddox of course says yes & Vince announces Maddox will be the ref at SS
for Cena-Bryan.
Triple H comes into the ring & says the match requires a ref like him (HHH) & pedigrees Maddox.
Vince leaves pissed.