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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2013 02:32 pm
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Ron wrote: From my Graham web site I updated recently

January 5, 1985 Conway, SC
Buzz Tyler won by COR over Superstar Billy Graham

January 12, 1985 Bassett, VA - High School Gym
Including Superstar Billy Graham

January 21, 1985 Fayetteville, NC
Dick Slater vs Superstar Billy Graham

February 12, 1985 Allentown, PA
Superstar Billy Graham beat Johnny Weaver

February 18, 1985 Fayetteville, NC
Sam Houston vs Superstar Billy Graham

February 25, 1985 Fayetteville, NC
Magnum TA & Manny Fernandez vs Superstar Graham & Barbarian

March 7, 1985 Charlestown, SC
Superstar Billy Graham, Barbarian vs Magnum TA, Jimmy Valiant

April 15, 1985 Fayetteville, NC
Jimmy Valiant vs Superstar Billy Graham (karate is legal)

April 29, 1985 Fayetteville, NC
Jimmy Valiant vs. Superstar Billy Graham (Texas Death Match)

April 30, 1985 Spartanburg, SC
included Superstar Billy Graham

May 20, 1985 Greenville, SC
Superstar Billy Graham vs Dick Slater

September 13, 1985 Norfolk, VA
Superstar Billy Graham beat Mark Fleming

September 16, 1985 Fayetteville, NC
Gerald Finlay vs Superstar Billy Graham

November 4, 1985 Greenville, SC
Jimmy Valiant & Superstar Billy Graham defeated Abdullah the Butcher & the Barbarian

November 10, 1985 Charlotte NC
Midnight Express won by COR over Superstar Billy Graham, Jimmy Valiant

November 18, 1985 Greenville, SC
The Barbarian defeated Superstar Billy Graham

do you have fullo show results for these

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