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 Posted: Thu Oct 24th, 2013 01:39 pm
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G'day HarryG, 

Alex Mulko (aka Nikita Mulkovitch) was booked as Nikita Kalmikoff by Jim Barnett and Johnny Doyle on the very first tour of Australia in October 1964. 

If Alex Mulko was making title belts in 1964 then perhaps he was responsible for creating the Australian World Championship Wrestling promotion’s original IWA World Title strap. 

Mulko (as Nikita Mulkovitch) managed the Masked Russians (Pedro Godoy & Juan Sebastian) in the WWWF from approximately October 1971 to March 1972. 

Pedro Morales held the WWWF Title from 8 February 1971 to 1 December 1973. Can you please tell me at what point of his reign did Morales wear the Australian World Championship Wrestling promotion’s original IWA World Title belt (or a replica thereof)? How long into Morales' title reign did he start wearing the new WWWF Title strap (made by Mulkovitch), please? 

Australian World Championship Wrestling promoter Jim Barnett joined the NWA in 1969. However, the championship in Australia was still called the IWA World Title and recognised by Barnett up until the end of 1970. Barnett’s last year as promoter in Australia was 1973. 

King Curtis Iaukea was the last IWA World Champion. I believe that Curtis wrestled in the WWWF from January to around May 1972. King Curtis Iaukea and Baron Scicluna won the WWWF Tag Team Title from Karl Gotch and Rene Goulet on 1 February 1972. 

As the IWA World Title belt was no longer being used in Australia, perhaps Barnett sold the strap back to Mulko. Curtis could have returned the belt to Mulko in the WWWF in early 1972. 

Mulko could have then sold the IWA World Title belt to Vince McMahon Sr to use as Morales' interim WWWF belt while Alex was making the new strap. 

I appreciate that my theory is pretty far-fetched but it’s the best I can do.  :) 

It really all hinges on whether Mulko made the IWA World Title belt in 1964. It also depends on exactly when WWWF Champion Morales was wearing the IWA World Title belt.

Another theory I have is that Mulko could have made a replica of the IWA World Title belt to be used as the interim WWWF Title strap while he was crafting Morales’ new belt.