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 Posted: Mon Nov 4th, 2013 05:51 pm
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TNA used to differentiate themselves with the X, women's, and tag divisions at a time when WWE didn't do anything with theirs.  That all clearly stopped under Hogan/Bischoff.  In the long run, does it matter?  No, because the ratings/buy rates haven't been effected by these types of booking decisions in the least, but it would be nice if they filled the gap and emphasized a different type pf product again.  They might even (gasp) develop a cult following and get an aura of cool surrounding them which could help them make a few more bucks.  Obviously they have bigger fish to fry than just a mere booking direction, there are kids running lemonade stands with more busines sense than these people, but if they ever do stabilize again financially, it would be nice if they went back in that direction.  Whether it really matters in any tangible way or not (and it doesn't), it still would be nice if you turned on TNA and saw something unique instead of a big flashing sign that says "BUSH LEAGUE VERSION OF WWE" for a change.  Just for pride if nothing else.     

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.