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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2013 04:47 pm
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Ron wrote:

Ron wrote:
CW Hall wrote:
Ron wrote: After looking over these dates I have a question to the people of the Mid Atlantic wrestling results collectors or anyone really.

Was Winston-Salem NC not running any more from 1985 onwards?   I haven't seen one listing at all.  Or is it a city that needs to be researched?

Found an article in the Greensboro paper the other day which stated that JCP did not run any shows at the Winston-Salem Coliseum during 1985-86.

Thanls CW

I do not have the access yet or capability to research it, but a card was held their. Got it froma 100% reliable source. If anyone does have access to that area I would be very greateful if we all could see the lineup/results from that show.

April 9, 1985 Winston Salem, NC

That above is a guaranteed card for thier.

I will probably be going to Winston-Salem between now and Christmas.If I do, I will go by the library and check it out.If I find any clippings for this date, I will post them here.