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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2013 05:05 pm
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I do not know who all lives in the Mid Atlantic area who go to libraries and do research on microfilm.  I am sure someone here in our forums does. What I have is a crap load of dates for the Mid Atlantic area for the year of 1985.  The dates I have are NOT listed here in this forum.  Including some results for the Kuwait City Tour in 1985. I will give a small sample for January to see if anyone can help me out with getting the line ups/results.   Again these are accurate dates. I just have no listings for them.

January 4, 1985 Conway, SC
January 5, Savannah, GA
January 8, 1985 Shelby, NC - TV
January 10, 1985 Tarboro, NC
January 11, 1985 Norfolk, VA
January 12, 1985 North Wilkesboro, NC
January 15, 1985 Greenwood, SC
January 17, 1985 Sumter, SC
January 22, Salisbury, NC
January 24, 1985 Columbia, SC
January 28, 1985 Kenansville, NC
January 31, 1985 Iva, SC


This is what i have uncovered for the elusive Kuwait City, Kuwait tour.  If anyone has any information I would appriciate the input to it.

March 28, 1985 Kuwait City, Kuwait

March 29, 1985 Kuwait City, Kuwait
Nikita Koloff, Adnon AL Kaessie beat Dory Funk Jr., JJ Dillon

March 30, 1985 Kuwait City, Kuwait

March 31, 1985 Kuwait City, Kuwait
Superstar Billy Graham, JJ Dillon drew Dick Slater, Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie)

April 1, 1985 Kuwait City, Kuwait
Dick Slater, Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) beat Superstar Billy Graham, JJ Dillon

April 2, 1985 Kuwait City, Kuwait
SGT Slaughter, Great Kabuki, Dick Slater beat Dory Funk Jr, Crusher Blackwell, JJ Dillon

April 3, 1985 Kuwait City, Kuwait
Masked Superstar, Nikita Koloff, John Sardee beat JJ Dillon, Don Kernodle, Rick Renslow

April 4, 1985 Kuwait City, Kuwait

I had asked a few years ago if Graham had ever faced the Masked Superstar, to which I got a lot of flack for.  Well this proves he certainly did oppose him.