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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2013 05:21 pm
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CW Hall wrote: Ron wrote:

Ron wrote:
CW Hall wrote:
Ron wrote: After looking over these dates I have a question to the people of the Mid Atlantic wrestling results collectors or anyone really.

Was Winston-Salem NC not running any more from 1985 onwards?   I haven't seen one listing at all.  Or is it a city that needs to be researched?

Found an article in the Greensboro paper the other day which stated that JCP did not run any shows at the Winston-Salem Coliseum during 1985-86.

Thanls CW

I do not have the access yet or capability to research it, but a card was held their. Got it froma 100% reliable source. If anyone does have access to that area I would be very greateful if we all could see the lineup/results from that show.

April 9, 1985 Winston Salem, NC

That above is a guaranteed card for thier.

I will probably be going to Winston-Salem between now and Christmas.If I do, I will go by the library and check it out.If I find any clippings for this date, I will post them here.

Thanks CW.
I have finished the CWF for 1984 for Grahams appearances. only like 8 to 10 missing dates remained with nothing else to be found. So they are most likely days off or travelling days for the year of 1984.

My focus in now the Mid Atlantic area for my research with my Graham record book for 1985. I have done my research with what is here on this board, mixed in with every and any lead i could get on other dates. As stated in a above post, I have a crap load of guaranteed dates and city names that are not listed here. For the next 3 months my goal is to unlock them dates as best as I can. I am hoping their are a few here who do library research. I can feed the dates but am hoping others can help do the leg work. If not, then at a later date I will go to the Mid Atltantic area and research them.