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 Posted: Tue Nov 19th, 2013 09:07 pm
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Ron wrote: srossi wrote: A lot of traditionalists with rose-colored glasses have tried to make the case that Sr. would not have approved of most of Jr's actions, but almost anyone who actually knew Sr. knew he was a businessman first and foremost and would've approved of anything that took his company to the heights that it reached and made the type of money that it did.

And those traditionalists are also the ones who do not know that it was Vince Sr. telling Jr to lock down all his arenas to keep Bruno Sammartino from renting the same venues.  And that was indeed before the expansion years. If Vince hadnt bought the WWF till when everyone claims he did...  Why would Sr., be telling Jr. to lock down him bigger arenas? He would have done it himself.   Most do not know that what Jr. did in the expansion era to the big arenas around the country is exactly what his dad told him to do years before when everyone thought Vince Sr. owned it all.  And that is also one of the big reasons why Bruno and the McMahons had issues.  Locking Bruno out of renting arenas.

I am still one who thinks it went down the way I had heard years and years ago.  Company was sold to Vince Jr in 1979.  He had to pay Monsoon, Phil Zacko, and Arnold Skoaland each 100K before a certain day in full, if he couldnt pay them all off at the same time, it would go back to the original owners. And I never heard a price of what he had to pay his dad.

Basically Vince Jr was paying off 4 owners monthly from 1979 to 1982, and would not take full ownership of it till it was paid in full.   Monsoon was one of them agreeing to sell because he did not think Jr would be able to pay everyone off before the due date for final payment.  It was said that Vince k controlled the WWF title and Jr controlled the tag and intercontinental title.  Which would make sense looking at the WWF title not chaning hands, yet the tag and intercontinental changing alot.
and which would basically mean that Backlund stayed champ for all those years because Vince Sr was sick in bed but still controlled the title