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 Posted: Wed Dec 11th, 2013 01:22 pm
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Someone posted this in the comments (once you get past the nutty pro/anti-gun debate that is raging there for some reason).

I know Joe, and all I can say is the media i playing right into his hands. He is a borderline pathological liar. For example in one of the stories he states he was injured while wrestling and is disabled thus limiting his ability to make money. He has recently told me in the last few months that he was "training to go back at the beginning of the year" that all he needed to do was shape down! He was never in the pro wrestling that you and I know, but in some minor league in cali. google him and you will see some crazy stories about him lying about his wife dying and threatening to sue anyone who crosses him. HE ONLY WANTS HIS 15 SECONDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT AND NOW WALMART AND THE MEDIA ARE GIVING IT TO HIM. This man is sick, he plays the poor me card to everyone. I guarantee there is more to the story then he is telling him, but walmart is too big to bash it out. SAD SAD SAD

This thread was great before AA ruined it.