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 Posted: Thu Dec 12th, 2013 04:22 am
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So I got bored and took a little trip. Was playing with spot cities. I will slowly transfer my findings over. Here are 3 more plus the one above. I will add more as I get time to type things over

January 10, 1985 Tarboro, NC
Jeff Sword vs Tommy Lane
Black Bart vs Steve Casey
American Starship vs Gary Royal, Joel Deaton
Ron Bass vs Dick Slater
Tully Blanchard vs Mandy Fernandez

March 7, 1985 Greenville, NC
RPM #2 vs Denny Brown
Starsip Eagle vs Buddy Landell
RPM #1 vs Sam Houston
Ron Bass vs Steve Casey
Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff vs Dick Slater, Don Kernodle

July 11, 1985 Kinston, NC
Ron Bass vsKendo Nagasaki
Raging Bull vs Buddy Landel
Buzz Tyler vs Barbatian
Superstar Billy Graham vs Jimmy Valiant
Magnum T.A. vs Tully Blanchard

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