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 Posted: Sat Feb 15th, 2014 01:32 am
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I am back home from the Mid Atlantic area where I have been researching for the past 3 weeks. I am home basically cause I am just tired of researching and sitting behind microfilm reader machines, and visiting libaries who feel there microfilm is the Holey Grail and you cant touch it. "we have to load it for you" "Do not print anything out, let us know when your ready to print". I'm like then dont go anywhere, cause I am not here to sit around, I have my dates and etc. Then they get anoyed at you cause you went through a reel of microfilm in less than 5 minutes. "You can only have one reel at a time".  Then there was the lady in Raleigh was a total waste of space and life itself. "I have to load your microfilm for you" so she loads it and is fighting with it to try to load it manually on the take up reel for like a minute or two. I say to her, "excuse me your doing it wrong. See this little blue button, push and hold it, it loads it to the take up reel for you in 3 seconds." She got annoyed at me by the way she exhaled and looked at me.  Then she wouldn't turn on the computer there that would put out the scanned object to a USB stick, nor would it print.  She says " I will be back in a few minutes to set it up", and never came back.  So I got up and left after 20 minutes cause she was to busy on her cell phone at the desk.

And speaking of the South... What is wrong with people in South Carolina? Do they not go outside to do anything? Are they all hermits? Conway, Sumter, Marion and etc... You dont see anyone outside in the day time hardly. They all recluses? I mean it isnt like it was 30 degrees outside. I am talking the warmer days in the 60's.

I have gained 60 new graham matches from the mid atlantic area, found another 148 dates that are not here in the mid atlantic thread for 1985. And I still have holes that could probably take another 30 to 60 dates easilly to fill, to make the 2 cards per nights that they held. With the expansion into the georgia territory created 3 cards per night almost it seems.

Advertising wrestling in the Mid Atlantic area sucks. Georgia sucks with papers, as i researched Albany, Athens Columbia, none carried the results. Many cities apparently relied on TV and I am assuming posters. Marrieta, GA and Savanna to mention two Georgia cities. New Bern, NC is the same way. Couldnt find anything on advertising for upcoming shows. Found a result picture for New Bern, NC for October 30, 1985 by accident while looking for a November 7, 1985 Trenton, NC card. All it was was a picture stating they just held wrestling in New Bern on the 30th. Not one single lineup or result. The Picture shows Manny Fernandez on top of The barbarian. So was it a single smatch, or was it a tag team match? Abdullah The butcher, Rock N Roll Express, and the Russians were there the paper said.

When everything is typed up, scanned in, and I am ready to post my stuff.  I think I will just start a new topic for Mid Atlantic for 1985.  So many dates are wrong in that thread for 1985.  So many line ups/results are not even acurate when they take the main event tag team match and turn it into one singles match, even though the promo states it is a tag match, and the results are there for the tag match. Yet our thread here shows a single match and the other two participants have totally dissapeared. 

To much copying and pasting from other sites.  To many sites jsut accept what you give them, and they add it with no checking or anything.  Hell i could finish my website tonight if I did that.  I have a list of cities I know Graham was in, but I am holding off for some form of validation that he was indeed there.  But some sites it just does  not matter apparently if the card or dates are even acuarate.  I am not even going to attempt to try to correct them sites anymore.

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