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 Posted: Wed Mar 12th, 2014 06:03 pm
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CW Hall wrote: April 9, 1986  California, PA @ Hamer Hall The reason I went with this date is the article and photos appeared in the Sunday April 13, 1986 paper. The article clearly stated that the matches took place last Wednesday. I know this is in conflict with other shows already posted here. If I have the date wrong, please correct me.

The paper covered 3 of the matches.

Midnight Express vs. Rock 'N Roll Express...... Don Kernodle vs. Teijho Khan.......... Sam Houston vs. Black Bart. The attendance was reported as "more than 3,500 people".

I have not done research into 1986 unless it was for a Graham booking that was made out in advanced, and they still advertised him right up till the day of the show.

Conflicts.  I have learned this over the years while dealing with research into uncovering aditional material to verify results.  If we did not research it ourselves then how do we know it is true?  Just because it was on the internet on different sites, and different people pass that same date around even today, does not make it a accurate date.  Being published in more than one book also does not make it correct.  Even the wrestling dirt sheets of the times can be so blatantly wrong for what was handed to them from correspondants.  Robert Fields and Robert Collins in the Joe Shedlock results bulletins should have there fingers broken for what they reported happened in 1976 in Florida.

I am asuming that you are conflicted because of the dates given by "The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrap book"?

Just because it came from that book does not mean it is a solid guaranteed date.  The year of 1985 is wrong in that book. That I can prove very easilly, so why couldnt the year of 1986 be wrong also?  I have learned from a recognized historian that all may not be as it appears. That even his stuff was wrong and that person even finaly admitted to me that they didnt even do the reasearch for what they got part of there reputation from.  They took the vast majority of someone elses work, and added a little to it. That person still to this day allows everyone to think he did the work and that it is all good.  Sadly to me, my corretions and additions are now included in it with no reference to me at all.  Like it is all his work, when such a minute amount of it is his in reality. And he is praised by some for being a historian...

I'd keep your date as you have it now.  I would make a notation on how and why you came upon that date.  I would then research Raleigh, and the dates and cities near that time period.

A few possible theories for you.

1. April 2nd is the correct date.  The newspaper just did not run the story on April 6, 1986 as they intended.  They ran out of space or for what ever reason that they did not print it as intended.  It is a newspaper after all.   I have found results already in newspapers a month after a show took place.

2. The California and the Raleigh dates are reversed in Cornettes book.

3. The Raleigh date could not even be on that date at all.

I say this from experience of breaking down 1985.  So many Spartanburg and Greenville and Raleigh cards did not take place in 1985 as is listed here in these forums.  The Greenville paper is running adds stating that there is no wrestling, but to continue watching wrestling on TV and listing the next date for live wrestling weeks and weeks away.  Yet we show cards happening, when they didnt.  Spartanburg even listed on there box add that the auditorium is being renovated, yet the listings here in the forums imply that the cards kept happening, when they didnt. 

I like your results and everything you do here CW.  You research stuff, gather clippings for authentication. I am sure you will get to the bottom of it.   :cool: