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 Posted: Wed Mar 12th, 2014 08:25 pm
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Thanks Ron. I appreciate all the work you do. I learned a great lesson about results from Johnny Weaver back in 2007. He brought a ton of his stuff to Rocky Mount,Va with him that I went through on a Saturday night and Sunday morning. I took some of the stuff home with me. He had copies of some of the old Becker and Weaver Fan Club newsletters. I also went through his daily records from 1968-74. 1968 was the earliest he still had. What I found was that some of the stuff from the newsletters and newspaper clippings I had did not match what was in his records. But the matches of his that I had actually witnessed did match what was in his records.

What I gathered from this was that at least some the stuff sent in to the newsletters was wrong and some even phony. Maybe the fans providing the info made honest mistakes and others thought "who will ever know the difference". I always knew that the folks writing for the newspapers got things wrong at times. So about the best we can do is try to determine a correct date and who was supposed to be there unless we were there ourselves.