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 Posted: Wed Mar 12th, 2014 11:45 pm
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Oh and since I brung it up above. In Cornettes book, July 30, 1985 Jasper, GA .. That date is wrong. They had July 30th off and did not work. Not sure how it happened, but they put that date in wrong. The actual date is August 30, 1985 Jasper, GA. Same lineup and same results. But they got if off by a month. so if you correct that in his book, and then look at there days off in July and August, it will now makes sense. When i looked at his book the fist time, that stuck out at me like a sore thumb. The end of July and August. But then I researched for my stuff, and found that the book was incorrect. Now after the correction of the wrong dates, the days off now work correctly.