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 Posted: Wed Jun 4th, 2014 12:29 am
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Spatulapup wrote: November 29 1986 - Atlanta TV - Bill Dundee beat Alan Martin with the Bombs Away.....The Midnight Express beat The Mulkeys.....The Barbarian beat Paul Garner with the flying headbutt.....Tim Horner beat Art Pritts......Don Kernodle beat Randy Barber with a clothesline off the top rope......Jimmy Garvin beat Clement Fields with the brainbuster.....Shaska Whatley beat Vernon Deaton.....Ricky Lee Jones beat Charlie Freeman.....The Kansas Jayhawks beat Bill Tabb and Phil Brown.....Bob and Brad Armstrong fought Jimmy Garvin and Bill Dundee to a Double DQ

Precious, Jim Cornette, Bubba Rogers, The Rock N Roll Express also appeared on the show.

I'm pretty certain that was the air date, but not the date of the taping. Apart from the Midnight Express and Rock & Roll Express, none of the major stars appeared on this show that aired two days after Starrcade '86 with none of the matches or results from that show being mentioned. Plus, Jim Cornette blew out his knee taking the bump from the scaffold and missed some time after the big card, but appeared here.

This particular show focused on middle to undercard guys, many of whom weren't being pushed. The big deal on the show was Jimmy Garvin and Bill Dundee attacking Brad Armstrong and setting up Bob Armstrong's return to WTBS after several years to make the save, having just dropped by to "visit and say hello", leading to the tag team main event.

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