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 Posted: Thu Jun 12th, 2014 07:26 pm
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Teddy Long was still getting paid? 

Brodus had so much potential on NXT as a monster who started out as Del Rio's bodyguard.  Then they just killed him by turning him into a comedy life that clearly would have a short shelf life.  He could really move for a big guy and deserved better. 

Camacho I never saw anything in at all, and with all the talented indy guys out there I'm not sure how he deserved a Developmental spot and brief call-up.  Once Hunico went under the Sin Cara mask, that ended any need for Camacho.

Evan Bourne really shot himself in the foot.  2 Wellness violations and a car accident.  It's nothing short of charity that they paid him this long.  Senseless waste of talent.

Tatsu deserved better.  The moment he came out with kiddie Japanese techno music you knew he was screwed.  Have no clue why they ever signed him.  We get it, Japanese junior heavyweights who can't speak English will never get TV time in WWE.  That's been made perfectly clear.  So stop signing them.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.