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November 10 1985 - Atlanta TV - Jimmy Valiant beat Tony Zane with a Elbowdrop.....Billy Jack Haynes beat Gerald Finley with The Full Nelson.....Krusher Khruschev beat Larry Clarke with The Sickle.....Ron Bass beat Paul Garner with the claw....The Barbarian beat George South with The Flying Headbutt off the top rope....Ric Flair, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson beat Ronnie Garvin, Terry Taylor, Pez Whatley when Arn Pinned Pez.....The Road Warriors beat Mac and Jim Jeffers....Tully Blanchard beat Jimmy Backlund with the slingshot suplex.....Magnum TA beat Joe Malcolm with The Belly to Belly Suplex....Ivan and Nikita Koloff beat Rocky King and Adrian Bivens....

This Might be the First time Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Ole And Arn Anderson all appeared at the podium together for the first time. There was no mention of Horsemen or JJ Dillon of course. They were interviewed at the end of the show. Dusty and Magnum then challenged them to come in the ring. They were about to until The Road Warriors got in the ring with Dusty and Magnum.

Paul Jones, Baby Doll also appeared...

November 17 1985 - Atlanta TV - National Champ Terry Taylor beat The Black Cat with a Superplex......Don Kernodle beat Don Turner with a clothesline off the top rope....The Barbarian beat Stoney Burke with a Flying Headbutt off the top rope....Billy Graham beat Tony Zane with a Bearhug....Manny Fernandez fought Buddy Landell to a draw in The Challenge series match.....Black Bart beat Rocky King with a Leg Drop off the middle turnbuckle.....Billy Jack Haynes beat Jim Jeffers with The Full Nelson.....Ron Bass, Pez Whatley, Italian Stallion beat Carl Styles, Kent Glover, Larry Clarke......The Golden Terror beat Sam Houston by countout when Ric Flair suplexed Houston on The Concrete floor..

Paul Jones, JJ Dillon, JR Champ Denny Brown also appeared

November 24 1985 - Atlanta TV - The Midnight Express beat The Italian Stallion and Rocky King......Manny Fernandez beat Tommy Lane with the Flying Burrito......The Road Warriors beat Black Bart and Thunderfoot in the Challenge Series match. During the match The Russians attack Paul Ellering and then fought The Warriors after the match.....Ronnie Garvin beat Jim Jeffers with a Punch to the head....

Jim Cornette, Billy Jack Haynes, Arn Anderson also appear.....

December 1 1985 - Atlanta TV - The Rock N Roll Express beat Mac and Jim Jeffers.....Ronnie Garvin beat Tommy Lane with a punch to the head.....Nikita Koloff beat The Italian Stallion with the Sickle.....The Road Warriors beat Paul Garner and Adrian Bivens......Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard beat Magnum TA, Billy Jack Haynes, Sam Houston when Ole pinned Sam....Jimmy Valiant beat Vernon Deaton with a Elbowdrop.....Terry Taylor beat Brodie Chase with a Superplex....The Barbarian beat George South with a Flying Headbutt off the top rope.....National Champ Buddy Landell beat Jeff Smith with The Figure Four

Baby Doll, US Champ Magnum TA, Ivan Koloff, Krusher Khruschev, Paul Ellering, Dusty Rhodes, Paul Jones, JJ Dillon also appeared