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May 12 1985 - Atlanta TV - NWA Tag Champs Ivan and Nikita Koloff beat Phillip Strickland and Randy Barber.....Dick Slater beat The Golden Terror with a Double Underhook Suplex.....Black Bart beat Paul Garner with a Leg Drop Off The second Turnbuckle.....Ron Bass beat Rocky King with The Claw.....TV Champ Tully Blanchard beat Mike Nichols with a Elbow Drop......NWA Champ Ric Flair beat Sam Houston with The Figure Four. After the match Flair put the hold on again until Magnum TA got into the ring and made him break it. They shoved each other and TA challenged him but Flair left....Abdullah The Butcher beat Ron Rossi with a Elbowdrop....US Champ Magnum TA beat Carl Styles with a Belly to Belly Suplex....Buddy Landell beat Dale Williams with the Figure Four.....Jimmy Valiant beat Jimmy Dill with a Elbowdrop....Nikita Koloff beat Mark Cooper and Gerald Finley in Handicap Match with a Double Russian Sickle...

JJ Dillon, Baby Doll, Dusty Rhodes, Paul Jones, Dick Slater also appeared....

June 9 1985 - Atlanta TV - Dick Slater and Buzz Sawyer beat Ron Rossi and Mark Hill.....Manny Fernandez beat Randy Barber with the Flying Burrito.....Jimmy Valiant beat Larry Clarke with a Elbowdrop.....Kamala beat Alan Martin with a Splash off the top rope......US Champ Magnum TA beat Paul Styles with a Belly to Belly Suplex....National Tag Champs Ole and Arn Anderson beat Joe Lightfoot and The Italian Stallion......The Barbarian beat Jason Walker with a Flying Headbutt off the top rope......TV Champ Tully Blanchard beat Gerald Finley with a Slingshot Suplex.....Ric Flair was being interviewed before getting in the ring against ? when Magnum Came out and said If Flair could beat him in 10 min he would give him $1,000 dollars. Flair accepted. They fought to a draw. After the match Flair and The Andersons attacked TA until Slater and Buzz Sawyer came to his rescue...

Skandor Akbar, Baby Doll, Paul Jones also appeared....