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 Posted: Sun Jun 29th, 2014 12:32 am
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I hope to do this without coming across wrong. I have done some extreme research in person in the Mid Atlantic are the past few months for 1985. Basically the year Graham was there working. I have come up with a ton of stuff that isn't around. I need to start comparing them to this topic.

July 14 1985 - Atlanta TV should be July 13 1985 - Atlanta TV

August 11 1985 - Atlanta TV should be August 10 1985 - Atlanta TV

I have seen private unseen before journals of certain workers for 1985. So some dates I know for sure that they are correct or incorrect. whether it be from there private journals or through newspaper advertisements. The two TV taping date I listed above stand out and it is why I matched against 2 workers from 1985 who kept accurate records of dates and places. Both there records/journals reflect what I changed it to above in this post.

November 19 1985 - Louisville, KY had no Mid Atlantic workers on it, as you can see below, and I feel it should not be included.

November 19 1985 - Louisville, KY
Koko Ware beat The Spoiler
Jerry Jarrett & Tojo Yamamoto won by DQ over Tony Falk & Mega Maharishi
Tom Prichard & Pat Rose beat Tracy Smothers & Billy Travis
Jerry Lawler beat Tom Branch
The Fantastics beat Tarras Bulba & Rip Morgan
The Fabulous Ones won by DQ over Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell