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 Posted: Mon Sep 15th, 2014 02:56 am
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I was going to put this into the sports section, but I decided to start it here in the General section. 

Hopefully, our local attorney can chime in with an opinion on this.

Is there anything that prevents an employer from putting certain clauses in a contract which may include the health and welfare of an employee?

For example,  I discover caves and canyons filled with molds and growths related directly to causing cancer. 

I am the employer and need to clean these caves and canyons out and the environment is extremely hot. 

I put in the job contract  the full disclosure of what is in the caves and canyons and what they can cause or lead to related to cancer.   I tell them that they do not have to wear any protective clothing or breathing apparatuses, but it is their choice.  I pay very good wages. 

Is this legal?   Can there be any future repercussions for me related to these issues?

I will now go the Sports forum to follow this up.