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 Posted: Thu Oct 2nd, 2014 09:50 am
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srossi wrote: I knew Donald Logue would make the series as soon as I heard he was attached to it, and he does.  Been a fan since "Grounded For Life" and since then he's gone on a string of amazing dramatic work in "Sons of Anarchy", "Copper", and "Vikings".

Other than him, I'm pretty underwhelmed.  The casting of "The O.C." kid as Gordon will take time to grow on me.  He can do it, but I need to be convinced.  I thought Toby Maguire would suck as Peter Parker and I was wrong, especially when you look at who replaced him.  So he deserves a chance.

Overall, it's as dark and gritty a show as they can make on Fox, which proves once again that violence and language is not why HBO, Showtime, and even FX shows are so much better than the networks.  Network shows just have logic gaps and holes that make you want to tear your hair out.  So many things about last night's show made no sense, especially the part about how they killed the patsy who was framed so now they have to continue the cover-up.  What?!  The guy shot at them and was standing over Gordon with a blade when he was shot, if that's not a justifiable kill I don't know what is!  (Insert NYPD joke here).  Stuff like that just drives me crazy.  It's the motivation for major plot points in the series, and they just don't care enough to write anything believable.  You compare that to "The Wire" or "The Shield" or "Breaking Bad" and it's like first graders taking a graduate-level class. 

So my expectations are low but I'll stick with it.  I hate the casting of The Penguin and I hate how they just threw a bunch of random super villains with bizarre back stories all into the first episode.  We don't need EVERYONE introduced in the first 44 minutes, and none being given the time to be introduced correctly.  This isn't a movie.  But this is the way network TV operates, and they've never gotten it right after all these years of being lapped by cable. 
this was my big complaint, even though I like the first 2 episodes.
Poison Ivy, Riddler, Penguin, Joker, Catwoman...any others get introd in episode 1?

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