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 Posted: Thu Nov 20th, 2014 06:47 pm
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I thought the Harvey Dent character was terrible. Looks like he is psychotic, which i dont believe he was, until he became Two Face.
I like Gordon and Logue, and Alfred is growing on me. Didnt like him the first few episodes.
Love Carol Kanes' cameos.
Also like Maroni and Falcone. But I always see them as their characters from Oz and the Wire lol.
I also think Bruce is great - not a fan of young Catwoman, though as AA said, she will be a heartbreaker when she is older. She looks so much like Michelle Pfeiffer too.
I think the only characters I truly dont like, are Barbara (total waste - though I understand her role in the story) and the two useless cops who tried to arrest Gordon.
And its twice now that my son sees women making out on the show, and has a confused look on his face lol.
Oh, Victor Zsasz was really good.
Lots of cheesy dialogue and scenes, but overall I am really enjoying it.