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April 21 1980 - West Palm Beach Fla
Jack Brisco beat Florida Champ Don Muraco by DQ
Manny Fernandez beat Ernie Ladd in a Lights Out Match
Bugsy Magraw beat Leroy Brown
TV Champ Steve Keirn beat Mr.Saito by DQ
Stanley Lane beat Bubba Douglas (subbing for Mr.Florida)
Frank Monte beat Luis Astea
Bubba Douglas beat Snake Brown

May 14 1980 - Homestead Fla
Bugsy Magraw, Manny Fernandez, Steve Keirn beat Don Muraco, Nikolai Volkoff, The Super Destroyer
Mike Graham beat Leroy Brown by DQ
TV Champ Mr.Saito beat Barry Windham
Jimmy Garvin beat Twin Devil 1
Stanley Lane beat Hector Guerrero
Bryan St.John beat Bubba Douglas
Scott Mghee drew Frank Monte

May 28 1980 - Miami Fla
Don Muraco and The Super Destroyer beat Bugsy Magraw and Mr.Florida
Manny Fernandez beat Frank Monte (subbing for Leroy Brown)
Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco, Steve Keirn beat Mr.Saito, Bryan St.John, Stanley Lane
Jimmy Garvin beat Geoff Portz
Wendi Richter and Winona Littleheart beat Vivian St.John and Judy Martin
Bubba Douglas beat Scott Mghee
Gordon Nelson drew Frank Monte
Barry Windham beat Rick Oliver

June 4 1980 - Miami Fla
Bugsy Magraw beat Florida Champ Don Muraco in a Texas Death Match
Nikolai Volkoff and The Super Destroyer beat Manny Fernandez and Mr.Florida
Jimmy Garvin and Steve Keirn beat Florida Tag Champs Bryan St.John and Stanley Lane
Mike Graham beat TV Champ Mr.Saito by DQ
Reggie Parks and Bubba Douglas beat Geoff Portz and Frank Monte
Jerry Brisco beat Twin Devil 1
Barry Windham beat Twin Devil 2

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