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 Posted: Tue Feb 17th, 2015 05:48 am
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I wonder if Davey Lee was Davey Gee on other East Coast Indies.

I am pretty sure Mike Kaluha lost his first name for these. He had to play the role of the singularly-named Islander to keep in the traditions of Afa and Sika.

Bud Jones and Mike Jones may be the same guy since each only worked once. Possibly an early result for Virgil?

Bobby Duncum was on his last big run. I have a going for him, and I am surprised he got his old alignment with Herman Family members, since he wouldn't be featured going forward.

I wonder how many of the High Flyers bouts made the air since Brunzell would depart shortly afterward.

The Winters vs. Zbyszko bout is probably the one from the Kids Classics releases where the top top broke and they improvised around it very well. Other bouts like Moore vs. Slaughter were part of the Kids Classics tapes as well.

I hope there are more of these Tropicana results in other newsletters. Claw's main thread has some of the bouts manifested as they were seen in Minneapolis for the TV broadcasts. My preference is to find the actual date the bouts were taped.