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 Posted: Fri Feb 20th, 2015 06:04 am
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@CrusherBolo -- I remember signing up for those machines. I travelled all that distance, and had to wait half a day to use one. I was locating stuff in the Milwaukee papers on them old hand crank ones. ughhh
I spent 3 days there my first trip. I am walking in town after using the library, and it was evening. The college students are walking around carrying plastic cups of beer. I was like WTF... I'd been arrested doing that in the eastern states.. So I was attempting to save money, figured I would sleep in my pick up truck. First night was fine. 2nd night about 2 am, the police were beating om my window saying I couldn't sleep in my vehicle in the parking garage. Damit... I was trying to watch my money cause I was leaving there to go to Omaha, Nebraska.

I was kicked out of the Library of Congress already, for the same reason. They had closed and im still going at it. lol No microfilm copiers?