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 Posted: Fri Aug 14th, 2015 09:12 pm
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Found a few more that I don't think are listed:
February 21, 1968- Brainerd, Minnesota
National Guard Armory
Eddie Sharkey vs. Bob Ramstead (Draw)
Igor beat Big K Stan Kowalski 2-3 falls
Cowboy Bill Watts beat Hard Boiled Haggerty 2-3 falls (DQ)
April 27, 1969- Rochester, Minnesota (3:00 PM)
Mayo Civic Auditorium
Cowboy Bradley and Frenchy Lamont vs. Little Bruiser and Jamaica Kid
Mad Dog Vachon and Butcher Vachon vs. Red Bastien and Billy Red Lyons 2-3 falls
November 6, 1969- Rochester, Minnesota
First Card of the Season
Mayo Civic Auditorium
8-man Battle Royal- Butcher Vachon, Edouard Carpentier, Red Bastien, Crazy Luke, Larry Hennig, Man Mountain Mike, Billy Red Lyons, Black Jack Lanza
+ 4 matches
December 8, 1969- Fergus Falls, Minnesota (8:15 PM)
Fergus Falls Armory
Butcher Vachon vs. Bruce Kirk
Black Jack Lanza vs. Bob Windham 2-3 falls 45:00
Mad Dog Vachon vs. Billy Red Lyons 2-3 falls (60:00)