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 Posted: Tue Oct 13th, 2015 03:21 am
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Portalesman wrote: srossi wrote: Papa Voo wrote: I tried calling their customer service phone option, and I got a nice female who could not answer the question other than to remind that I will always have access to the digital items as long as I have an Amazon account.  I then asked what happens if Amazon no longer exists?  She said they would probably send me an email. (Yoi!) She had no idea what would be in the email.  
Any ideas? 

She was thinking, "If Amazon no longer exists, I'm back at Burger King.  Which might be an improvement anyway given how they treat me here.  Oh, your digital files?  Fuck you.  I wish I could wipe my ass with them and watch you eat them like I did with all those Whoppers.  Asshole."

Seriously, this is going to be a big problem in a number of years when some of these monster Internet companies go down.  Can you imagine the furor if Facebook goes under (kids already have stopped using it) and people in our generation who live their lives on it lose all their pictures and everything?  You can't rely on these companies.  A huge one hasn't gone under yet, but nothing lasts forever, and they all will eventually. 

I track all my concerts on a site called Songkick.  Years ago they allowed people to post setlists of their shows there too.  But that feature wasn't popular and they couldn't compete with, so one day without notice they just eliminated that option and pulled thousands of setlists down.  People who spent hours uploading setlists had a coronary.  Songkick didn't care because even though it affected a huge number of total users, it was a small number percentage-wise and wasn't going to put a dent in their traffic if there was a boycot.  One day the entire site will disappear.  This is why I track everything on my own personal Excel spreadsheet too.  And if I want a picture or anything else, I pull it from social media and save it.  Netflix eliminated the social media aspect of their site a few years back.  Same thing, big furor among those that used it, threats of boycotts, they laughed.  Hours wasted and gone forever by whoever used that feature.  All this stuff is going to disappear one day.  Don't rely on companies.  When the shit hits the fan, their users will literally be the last people they think of as they all lose their jobs or scramble to save them.  Since the Amazon content is paid for, you'll be able to join a class action lawsuit and get a check in the mail 3 years later for $1.62.       
Its always a fuckin bummer when Rossis right, ain't it?

You must be bummed all the time. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.