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 Posted: Thu Nov 12th, 2015 05:28 am
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from Cincinnati research by kasper over on KM

Cincinnati, OH
March 18, 1955
Music Hall
Buddy Rogers & The Great Scott beat Chief Big Heart & Ray Stern
Wilbur Snyder beat Whitey Whittler
Tommy O'Toole beat Sandor Fozo

Cincinnati, OH
April 8, 1955
Music Hall
The Great Scott beat Stan Holek 2/3 falls
Wilbur Snyder beat Tommy O'Toole
Billy Varga drew Dick Hutton
Jackie Nichols beat George Drake

Cincinnati, OH
April 15, 1955
Music Hall
Buddy Rogers DDQ Oyama Kato
Wilbur Snyder drew Lenny Montana 30 mins
Chief Big Heart beat sandor Fozo
Don Arnold beat Tommy O'Toole

Cincinnati, OH
January 20, 1956
Music Hall
Ray Stevens & Don Stevens (Fargo) beat Wilbur Snyder & Bobby Bruns
Eastern Title Champ Buddy Rogers beat Bill Miller
Bob Orton drew Gene Stanlee

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