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Taken from Kenyon and Yohe over at KM.
Kenyon one of the best researchers ever as is Yohe.

All Louisville, KY   1959

March 14,1959
Bruiser & Don McClarity vs Frank Brown & Bobby Managoff

April 18, 1959
Freedom Hall
Bruiser beat Bobby Managoff
Yukon Eric beat Hans Hermann
Fred Blassie beat Johnny Weaver
Penny Banner beat Kitty Doyle

May 9, 1959
Freedom Hall
Yukon Eric & Bobby Managoff beat Bruiser & Fred Blassie by DQ
one fall each and then Bruiser & Blassie DQed in 3rd
Verne Gagne beat Hans Hermann by DQ
Penny Banner & Lorraine Johnson beat Kay Noble & Laura Martinez
Buck Moore beat Irish Martin

July 10, 1959
Freedom Hall
Roy & Ray Shire beat Doug & Johnny Gilbert 2/3
Texas Death Match Verne Gagne beat Hans Hermann
Bruiser beat Tommy O'Toole
Penny Banner beat Judy Glover

July 23, 1959
Jefferson County Armory
Bruiser beat Verne Gagne 2/3
Ray Shire (Stevens) drew Johnny Gilbert
Roy Shire beat Farmer Marlin
Kathy Wimbley beat Betty White
Don McClarity beat Hans herman by DQ

August 7, 1957
Jefferson County Armory
Verne Gagne beat Bruiser DQ 2/3 falls, Bruiser DQed in 3rd
Roy and Ray Shire DDQ Johnny Gilbert & Farmer Marlin 2/3
Ethel Johnson beat Marva Scott
Gene Donaldson beat Gino Angelo

August 21, 1959
Jefferson County Armory
Texas Death match Verne Gagne beat Bruiser
Shire brothers beat Lou Eisenhart & Johnny Weaver
Cowboy Bob Ellis beat Gino Angelo
Hans Hermann beat Don McClarity

September 3, 1959
Jefferson County Armory
Cowboy Bob Ellis (sub for Verne Gagne) drew Dr. Bill Miller
Bruiser beat Johnny Weaver
Cowboy Bob Ellis beat Hans Hermann
Cowboy Bradley & Lord Littlebrook beat Tiny Roe & Beau Brummell

October 16, 1959
Jefferson County Armory
Texas Death Match
Dr. Bill Miller beat Verne Gagne
Johnny Weaver beat Bruiser by DQ
Doug Gilbert beat Danny Ferrazza by DQ
Tiny Tim & Little Beaver beat Billy the Kid 7 Irish Jackie

October 23, 1959
Jefferson County Armory
Brunetti Brothers beat Bruiser & Dr. Bill Miller by COR
one fall each when Bruiser and Miller argued among themselves and were counted out
Dick Steinborn beat Mitsu Arakawa DQ  one falle ach them Mitsu DQed in 3rd fall
June Byers beat Jackie Hammond

November 10, 1959
Jefferson County Armory
Bruiser NC Dr. Bill Miller in 3rd fall after they split the first two falls
Verne Gagne beat Gorgeous George
Don Eagle beat Hans Hermann
Dick Steinborn beat Doug Gilbert