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 Posted: Tue Dec 8th, 2015 03:06 am
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Some more from Yohe at WC.

Hodgkins, IL
Mance Speedway
June 18, 1957

Wilbur Snyder vs Hans Schmidt
The Sheik & Gypsy Joe vs Billy Goelz & Johnny Gilbert
Corrine Cordero vs Shirley Strimple

Hodgkins, IL
Mance Speedway
July 23. 1957

Wilbur Snyder vs The Sheik
Danno McDonald vs Danny Ferrazza
Irish Jackie & beau Brummell vs Little Red Feather & Farmer McGregor

Evansville, IN
July 31, 1957
Wilbur Snyder, Billy McDaniel & Ralph Garibaldi beat
Joe Millich, Chest Bernard & Tommy O'Toole
Singles matches
Snyder beat O'Toole
Bernard beat McDaniel
Garibaldi beat Millich by DQ

Evansville, IN
June 8, 1960
US Champ Wilbur Snyder beat Cowboy Rocky Lee by DQ
The Brunettis beat Rip Hawk & Erich Von Brock
Johnny Weaver beat Gene Kinisky by DQ

Evansville, IN
July 13, 1960
Bosse Field
Dick the Bruiser beat Wilbur Snyder to win the US Title
The Masked Medics beat Ray & Roy Shire  2-1 3rd fall on a DQ
Johnny Weaver beat The Sheik by DQ
John Paul Henning drew Joe Blanchard

Evansville, IN
July 20, 1960
Bosse Field
Wilbur Snyder beat US Champ Dick the Bruiser 2-1 3rd fall on a DQ
The Sheik beat John Paul Henning
The Masked Medics beat Johnny Weaver & Joe Blanchard
Cowboy Bob Ellis beat Nicoli Volkoff