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 Posted: Sat Dec 19th, 2015 10:19 pm
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From George L aka CrusherBolo who kept these results from 1978 when I was a regular at the Hammond CC.

Hammond, IN
May 13, 1978
Wilbur Snyder vs Killer Verdu
Moose Cholak vs Jimmy Valiant

Hammond, IN
June 3, 1978

Street Fight
Bruiser vs Jimmy Valiant
Wilbur Snyder & Moose Cholak vs Ivan Koloff & Killer Verdu

Hammond, IN
Sept 9, 1978
The Valiants vs Pepper Gomez & Wilbur Snyder
Bobo Brazil vs Madman Mitchell
Art Thomas vs La Pantera

Hammond, IN
Oct 7, 1978
Pepper Gomez beat Jimmy Valiant Lumberjack match
Wilbur Snyder & Wee Willie over Johnny Valiant & Might Cupid
Johnny Starr beat Bounty Hunter #1
El Bracero drew La Pantera

This is the card where the ring never showed up! They used a bunch of gym mats. Craziest thing I ever saw. Gomez vs Valiant was supposed to be a strap match but they changed it to a lumberjack match and Moose kayoed Jimmy and Gomez quickly pinned Jimmy for the win.

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