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 Posted: Sat Oct 18th, 2008 11:29 pm
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Okay there are still points potentially to be scored on the "Mid carders and their managers" question so no new scoreboard will be posted until the dust settles

Tonight's question pertains to the wrestlers and their finishing holds.

One list will be of wrestlers (tell me what their finishing holds were) and then we'll go in reverse and the other list will be of finishing holds (tell me which wrestler used them) Gotta score all of them to collect the er uh money. Points I mean.

Wrestlers (tell me their finishing moves)

Ken Patera

The Samoans

Dino Bravo

Stan Hansen

Chief Jay Strongbow

Tony Garea


Finishing Moves (tell me who used these)

The Cobra Clutch

The Texas Bulldog

The Flying Hammerlock

The Atomic Kneedrop

The Kamikazee Clothesline (hint: This is a tag team)

The Heart Punch