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 Posted: Sat Mar 26th, 2016 01:42 am
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From WC which is posting a lot of new found results lately.
Courtesy of Yohe, Luce and others.

Indianapolis, IN
Riverside Park
July 24, 1970

Wilbur Snyder & Paul Christy vs Baron Von Rashcke  & Mitsu Arakawa
Johnny Kace vs Prince Pullins
Paul Christy vs Mitsu Arakawa

Jan 23, 1959

US Champ Wilbur Snyder vs Angelo Poffo
Ed Carpentier vs Dick the Bruiser
Gino Angelo vs Yukon Eric
Bobby Managoff vs Legs Wilson (Langevin)
Shirley Strimple vs Elaine Johnson

Cincinnati, OH
Feb 27, 1959
A- 10,633

Wilbur Snyder beat US Champ Angelo Poffo by DQ
Yukon Eric beat Baron Gattoni
Dick the Bruiser beat Johnny Weaver
Ed Carpentier beat Frank Brown
Bobby Managoff beat Zack Malkov
Cowboy Bob Ellis beat Legs Wilson

Cincinnati, OH
March 7, 1959

Wilbur Snyder & Yukon Eric beat Angelo Poffo & Bronko Lubich 2-1
Dick the Bruiser beat Paul Bunyan
Bob Ellis beat Baron Gattoni
Shirley Strimple beat Betty Hawkins

Cincinnati, OH
March 26, 1959
A 6,774

US Champ Wilbur Snyder beat Angelo Poffo by DQ
Dick the Bruiser DDQ Yukon Eric
World Tag Champs the Volkoffs beat Johnny Weaver & Bobby Managoff
Killer Kowalski beat Larry Moquin
Bob Ellis beat Lenny Montana